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The Island of the Colorblind

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    © Sanne de Wilde/Noor - The Island of the Colorblind

In the late 18th century a terrible typhoon laid waist to Pingelap, a small atoll in the Pacific Ocean. Its king, one of the few survivors, was a carrier of the rare achromatopsia gene, which causes total colour blindness. With time this inherited disease spread in the isolated community and, since then, the island’s residents have seen the world in black and white. The phenomenon was desribed for the first time by the famous neurologist and writer Oliver Sacks. Sanne de Wilde has captured the world not as she sees it - but as she imagines the islanders do.


Galerie Lichtblick
Steinbergerstr. 21
50733 Köln

Sanne de Wilde

28.09. – 21.10.2018

20.00 h – 00.00 h

Fri 19 – 21 h 
Sat + Sun 14 – 18 h 
29. + 30. Sept 11 – 19 h

20.00 h – 00.00 h

> Galerie Lichtblick

Galerie Lichtblick