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Armenia meets Germany – a photographer friendship

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    © Michael Wagener

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    © Ed Tadevossian

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    © Ed Tadevossian

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    © Ed Tadevossian

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    © Michael Wagener

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    © Michael Wagener

Michael Wagener met Armenian photographer Ed Tadevossian underneath an apple tree in Armenia in November 2017. It was the beginning of a photographic symbiosis. High-quality b&w prints show the two photographers’ perceptions of Armenia and Germany. In this exhibition, empathetic portraits of encounters, along with formally aesthetic confrontations with the divergent cultural spaces, are in compelling interaction. Tadevossian shows his look at Germany, Wagener his impressions from Armenia.


Crews and Captains GmbH
Auguststr. 11
50733 Köln

Ed Tadevossian und Michael Wagener

28.09. – 30.09.2018

17.00 h – 22.00 h

daily 14 – 20 h

> Crews and Captains GmbH

> Michael Wagener

Crews and Captains GmbH