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Fading Memories

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    © Kathrin Broden

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    © Kathrin Broden

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    © Kathrin Broden

With her photographic works, Kathrin Broden abducts the viewer to mysterious places and immerses him or her into the world of ruins. She makes us witnesses of history, superficially of buildings but thereby of people and eras too. She attempts to capture these places’ special atmosphere and to make their aura come alive. Her images are always a piece of history, showing us an in-between world made up of yesterday and today.


Kunst Köln (Lokal Alte Feuerwache)
Melchiorstr. 3
50670 Köln

Kathrin Broden

14.09. – 15.10.2018

19.30 h – 00.00 h

daily 10 – 24 h

> Kunst Köln (Lokal Alte Feuerwache)

> Kathrin Broden

Kunst Köln (Lokal Alte Feuerwache)